2016 Happy Birthday

Thirty-two years….. The past seven have been like a life time to me. Oh, how I wish you could be here with us to blow out those 32 candles! What would we do…… I would have a reservation to eat – your favorite thing to do on your birthday. And, unlike your daddy who loves for me to bake him a strawberry cake, you LOVE a decorated store bought cake with a theme! So, what would the theme be this year? Maybe a picture of Domi and Sophie — some times, I almost think you are walking right beside Domi as he clings to us, so afraid we are going to leave him. The changes this year have been tough for him but as he spends much time with Grandma, he watches over her just as you did and would have….. In the morning, he lies by her door, waiting for her to get up. If she is walking outside, he keeps turning to make sure she is following him. If she is eating, he’s right beside the table; although he knows better, I believe she secretly feeds him under the table, knowing that is a no-no.

Our favorite days this summer were spent in Texas, keeping Knox and Ryder and Baby Jack – you would simply adore all three. They have captured your daddy’s heart…. And, Baby Jack, he has that sparkle in his eye that looks just like the one you kept for 25 years.

I just want you to know that every single day, our thoughts are of you, our hearts tug hard, and we pray that all we do glorifies God…. And, honors your life. You were the defender of the “down-trodden” the “less-fortunate” …. May we never forget that as we walk this path – uncertain about our future here, but so certain of our future someday with you.

Birthdays…… So thankful for so many wonderful memories!!! So thankful for 25 years of your life.

Love, Your Mama