Journeys October 2021

Journeys……. we are all on a journey, taking either a familiar or uncharted path; as we meet each day with its twists and turns, we forge ahead on our “forever journey”… spending countless hours in our dreams and hopes for our future; then, when we least expect it, we are suddenly stranded, trying to find our way.  How quickly our hopes and dreams turn into tears and sadness.  We are lost; we are confused; we struggle to find our way back.  But, there is no way back; we can only travel forward. 

Dear John Michael – 12 years, but only 12 minutes in my mind.  You were my forever journey… How unreal it is for me to visit the cemetery and know I am alone.  But, I quickly find solace in knowing every step I take, it is because of you and dad giving me the courage to become the “journey” – to embrace the wonderful memories of laughter and love that still live and thrive in my heart.  So, as I search my way through this new journey, I give thanks for knowing that “I loved a little boy very, very much, even more so than myself” and because of you, I’ve not lost faith in knowing I will see you again.

“Go in peace. The journey on which you go is under the eye of the Lord.”  Judges 8:16

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2 Responses to Journeys October 2021

  1. You will see him again that is God’s promise.
    Love and hugs my dear friend

  2. Arden Humphrey says:

    You always write such powerful thoughts and expressions of love and hope. You are an amazing woman, my dear friend. May God hold you in the palm of His hand and help you each day on your journey. Love you so much! Remembering my sweet, precious John Michael always!

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