October 2022

Once again, the leaves begin to fall, reminding of us how beautiful hues of color bring us a time of reflection and warmth as we prepare for the “dead of winter,” yet during the winter, the bright red berries, the evergreen trees, and the glistening of pure white snow brings its own type of beauty…….

Once again, I prepare myself for the month of October, when a beautiful boy who was kind to all, brought laughter to many, gave comfort to those less fortunate, and shared his love of his country, his family and mostly, his God every day of his life, crossed this world into the realm of forever.  So, I take solace in knowing that I must reflect on his life as a gift like none other and how fortunate I was to have him in my life.  

Once she loses a child, a mother’s heart will never be whole again, but as winter teaches us,  life continues on even in dark days, where beauty still abounds and awaits for us to glisten, to have peace and joy, knowing that what lies ahead is greater than we can “only imagine.”

John Michael Gore loved to read – especially powerful words of redemption and hope, sparkled with a little mystery.  He would have loved Mitch Albom’s book Stranger in the Lifeboat, a powerful message of healing and hope, and I quote from the book “When someone passes, Benjamin, people always ask, ‘Why did God take them?’ A better question would be ‘Why did God give them to us?’ What did we do to deserve their love, their joy, the sweet moments we shared?”

Dear John Michael,

I am so thankful you showed me what it was to never give up loving life, to strive to make a difference no matter how big or small each and every day.  I am so thankful you left this earth with a smile on your face as you could see your future. I am so thankful you took adversity like a grain of sand and through it to the wind.  I know you savored dark, rainy days, where you would study at your desk by the big picture window and dream of what lay ahead – I know you were heartbroken when we sold our Tennessee home that brought you such comfort.  But you are truly home now, and I dream of the day we will be together again.  I know Grandma shared that with you when you met her this summer – my last words to her were to tell “my baby I love him.”  

Jesus replied, “Did I not tell you that if you believed, you would see the glory of God?”  John 11:40

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