Beautiful Baby

I’ve had so many thoughts going through my mind about my next blog….and, hoped that there would have been several before this date.  But this morning my first thought was where I was on this date in 1984.  How cool was it that my brother’s wife Ramona and I were both pregnant at the same time, although JM was due the middle of July and Jessi not until September.  Jim had graduated from OSU that May and had just begun his new job with Price Waterhouse in OKC.  Ramona, taking summer classes at OSU, would stay in Stillwater during the week…….with us at dear old Patio Club apartments (Skip and I managed Patio Club apartments across from the football stadium).  It was a hot summer so how nice was it to live at Patio with the pool just out our door – and, I was quite lovely in my maternity swimsuit!  My cousin Glendora (also going to OSU and living at Patio) would clean our apartment and give me a pedicure at least once a week.  But, we made the most of that hot summer, for Skip, Ramona and I ate out every night..and, then would go to Baskin Robbins or Braums for an ice cream cone.  Skip – always a wonderful hubby – would load Ramona and me into his jeep (usually with the top off – the same jeep that JM drove in high school on the page of my first page of this blog – “about us”) and off we’d go for dinner and ice cream (and sometimes, minature golf).  I’m sure we drew many looks and comments as he drove two pregnant girls around town.  I ate myself through that summer.  For anyone that lived in Stillwater during that time period, you will remember our other two haunts for either lunch or dinner – the old Bobo’s Mexican Restaurant, Latigos and The Late Show – we always thought that was why JM loved to eat out – Mexican food and steak!  As my due date passed and the sun shone hotter, Skip would also take us out on dirt roads, hoping to hurry on delivery.  On July 24th, I checked into the hospital so they could induce my labor – but, he just wasn’t ready yet.  Ironically, I say “he” because my doctor was sure I having a girl – and, a small one.  By the morning of the 27th, my doctor had left for a trip and Dr. Jennings, her partner showed up, saying, “folks, you’ve suffered too much – we’re going to do a C-section.”  Skip and I looked at each other strangely.  We had been faithful to our childbirth classes except the night they talked about C-sections. As it had been a perfect pregnancy, we chose to go eat Mexican food instead!  And, what a surprise……Dr. Jennings exclaimed as JM was born, “not only is this not a girl, he’s a football player.”  So, our bundle of joy…..all nine pounds of him, was welcomed into our lives.

One poignant memory tugs at my heart…..they brought him to me in the middle of the night and then got so busy they just left him all night sleeping on my shoulder.  That morning, I looked down to see these big hazel eyes looking up at me saying, “you’re my mama” — and, I thought to myself, “this is my baby forever and ever.”

So many blessings that summer and people to thank……my dear friend Blanche and the ladies of First Baptist Stillwater for my baby shower, Glendora for keeping me and the apartment looking pretty, Ramona for never leaving our side that long week, to the staff at Stillwater Hospital (wonder if they remember Skip Gore who would buy them Braums burgers and shakes that week), and, the rest of our families who showered us with love……Mother, Daddy and John who came immediately; Jim, right there, too; Karen and Dusty who bought him his “going home suit,” Pat and Joe, who along with gifts for JM, brought me a pretty new summer dress.

Yes, John Michael, you were a beautiful baby!  Happy 27th birthday!  We love you – we miss you!  You will always be my baby.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew 19:13

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3 Responses to Beautiful Baby

  1. Cindy says:

    What wonderful memories you will have forever!

  2. Marilyn says:

    That beautiful young man was like a son to me. I am so glad that he is still alive in memories and you take the time to share such beautiful stories. Both of you were wonderful parents and in another way continue to still be. We love the three of you now and forever. Bless you my dear friend and for JM I shed another tear.

  3. Ramona Buckner says:

    What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful young man. John Michael was the first newborn that I spent much time with and it was excellent training for caring for his cousin that arrived a few weeks later. You and Skip were naturals and gave me so much guidance and reassurance as I entered the world of motherhood. Wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing.

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