Happy 30th Birthday

July 26, 2014

Thirty years ago, Skip and I sat, or rather he sat, and I propped myself up in a hospital bed, waiting for the birth of our baby. I say baby, because we didn’t know if he would be a girl or a boy…. really expecting a girl. At noon, Skip changed the channel to All My Children – he had just returned from Braum’s with cheeseburgers and shakes for the nursing staff and us. Stillwater Medical Center surely hasn’t forgotten us – for a week we had been there and eating quite well – and, sharing our food with all.

This is our fifth summer to celebrate John Michael’s birthday without him…… as I have written in previous blogs, birthdays were always a celebration – I can remember every cake, every party, and every person who attended – all the way back to his first. I started this countdown two weeks ago….. making homemade salsa – his favorite and then going to the movies – yes, a Disney movie ☺. So, tomorrow, we will do what we would have done if he were right here with us…. Go to church, eat a great Sunday dinner, and watch a movie. For our greatest times were those we three spent together.

Dear John Michael,

You loved celebrations! So thankful that we made any occasion a celebration, whether it was hanging out at home or traveling on a special vacation. Last week, I just know you were chuckling…. At a cemetery board meeting discussing the mowing and upkeep, I became just a little heated, speaking up about the sacredness of cemeteries and the responsibility we all have to keep them looking nice for anyone seeking peace – I even suggested the board take a “field trip to the cemetery” – so, there the board went – and, patiently listened as I talked passionately about what needed to be done. On our way home, Dad and I talked about how we just knew you were listening and laughing as you know I spent 25 years being passionate about everything you did – and, I was never at a loss for words to share my thoughts with anyone!  You would just say, “that’s my mama!”

So, tomorrow, we will head to church as up until the day you left us, you always found peace in the words of our Lord. You loved Sunday School – even in high school. You sought peace in your last days from the prayers of many, including the pastor who visited you every single morning while in the hospital. And, it is your peace that we draw our strength each and every day, but especially today and tomorrow as we remember the best day of our lives……. the day you were born – the best gift we will ever receive besides the day when we are taken from this life to join you in Heaven. Love, your mama


JM bench pic

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1 Response to Happy 30th Birthday

  1. Arden Humphrey says:

    Remembering dear John Michael! Happy Birthday in heaven, dear JM! Praying for Skip and Marsha to know the peace of God’s love and blessings and the realization that you will be with John Michael again one day. Much love from Con and Arden!

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