Happy Birthday 2015

Dear John Michael,

I just received a phone call from Grandma….. she wanted to read me a card you had sent her. For some reason, it suddenly appeared in a drawer she had opened. The postmark was July 1999. You were writing it in the car, telling her we were on our way to an ice hockey camp in Minnesota, but were traveling through Wisconsin getting ready to stop at a “cheese place.” You went on to tell her we had hooked up a tv in the suburban so you and Will Rivard (“a cool friend”) could watch movies on the trip. You were telling her and Papa about the mission trip you had just returned from in the Appalachians – said you were staying in Tennessee, doing Vacation Bible Schools in Virginia and eating in Kentucky “how neat” – and, all about the friends you had met there. You described the place you were staying in how it wasn’t very clean, but every day you would drive for Vacation Bible School – your group had gone to church on Sunday at a church so small that the offering was only $15 – and, you sure hoped to go back next year.

The best of all about this card was that you said it was July 22 and in only five more days it would be your birthday!

Coincidence…. I don’t think so. She went on to say after she read it, she looked up at the television and a scary movie was coming on (and, you know you liked to watch scary movies with her). Coincidence…. I don’t think so. A reminder of how special you were – always wanting to do something for those less fortunate – and, how you loved your Grandma and Papa so much.

I’ve been so brave today… no tears. And, I usually have tears every morning for you. But now, they stream down my face.

You were the best thing that ever came into my life. I loved you more than life itself – and, still do. I can still see every freckle, every mole and place them on your body in the exact place. To hold your hand again, to rub your feet again, to scratch your back again, to hear you say, “that’s my mama” again…. To hear you laugh just one more time.

Some day, Dad and I will be with you again. For now, I hold you tightly in my mind and heart. Your spirit surrounds me.


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6 Responses to Happy Birthday 2015

  1. Kathy Norsworthy says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you today. Along with just random times throughout the year. Such as, when I see a picture of a white dog, or a young man in a Jeep. Sometimes my heart aches for you and Skip and at other times I rejoice for the wonderful times your family had together. Always I love you. Kathy and Ernie

  2. Cindy Buchanan says:

    I can hardly breathe now so I don’t know how you continue breathing. You have so many great memories and thank you so much for sharing them with us. I’m praying for peace and comfort for you and Skip. (((Hugs)))

  3. Angel Wolf says:

    Dear Marsha,
    I read your blog with a heavy heart this morning. I cannot imagine the pain you have gone through and continue to go through. Your blog is a wonderful tribute to your loving son. I haven’t seen you in years but have such fond memories of you, Skip and John Michael. Love, Angel

  4. Marilyn says:

    Knowing both you and Skip it will always remain a difficult day. I love your blog and learning new information. I can’t help but reflect upon the memories. The cute little guy at the drums, playing catcher, sneaking peanut butter balls before we got them dipped in chocolate, the young college lad talking about picking up girls and the memories go on and on. What a terrific young man to remember. We hold onto to the day we meet up again in Heaven knowing it is forever. Happy Birthday to a very handsome young man that I, too, love. Love and prayers to a beautiful set of parents. Love Marilyn

  5. Linda Copeland says:

    Marsha, I’m late, but sincere. My heart breaks reading your post! Having sons, this tugs so at my heart! God bless you and Skip, and yes, you will be with your precious John Michael one day! Until then, may you feel God-given comfort and peace within you. Happy Birthday, John Michael~Love & prayers,
    Linda & Wiley

  6. Arden Smith Humphrey says:

    So many emotions always fill my heart when I read your blog, especially on John Michael’s birthday. He was so special to so many. Skip and you have been so brave these years since he has been gone. John Michael may be gone, but he will never be forgotten by all of us who love him. Much love to Skip and you. Thank you for sharing your blog with all of us. This means so much to read your thoughts put into words.

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