Eleven Years…

Dear John Michael,

As I remember your life, the past eleven years are as though it was just eleven hours ago; the words say years, but the heart says it was like yesterday when Dad and I, hand in hand, took that final long walk out of the hospital…. Alone, for the missing piece – you – would forever be missing from our lives. We were three, but as one we lived.  Everything in our life had centered around being the best parents we could for the gift God had given us.  

Immediately, we held on tight, taking turns being strong for each other.  Immediately, we began to remember how blessed our lives had been being your parents and what a difference you made in the lives of all you met.  We knew from that moment on, our lives had to honor you.

Your daddy’s unfailing faith was my strength – how many times did I tell him we will leave this earth together.  Your dad was so looking forward to being well –  last January, he proclaimed that “the next chapter of lives would be giving back and sharing what God had done in our lives and for the many blessings we had been given.”

But, then, the unthinkable – I now face this journey without your daddy – my moral compass, my prayer warrior.  I had no idea today would be so tough; we always tried to get through this day, not bitter, yes, sad, but with a reverence of knowing we are not in charge and, with Grace, we would survive. So, I take this next journey without you both….. physically, that is, but always there with me in my heart and soul as I try to honor you both with every step. 

What comfort I have knowing that like you, your daddy faced his pain and suffering with a courage only brought by knowing what lay ahead – Home.

…… where the streets are golden, where the chains are broken….we will dance on the seas of Amazing Grace, where the Angels sing Hallelujah…. Home       ~ Chris Tomlin

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6 Responses to Eleven Years…

  1. Beautiful as if you are sitting there talking to the two of them. Your angels continue to watch over you. They send you signs along the way. One day they will welcome you home but for now you must finish your journey. I love reading your thoughts. I miss you and the fun times we had together.

  2. Arden S Humphrey says:

    Dear Marsha, I am holding you up in prayer, as I always do. Still, I have been thinking of you and praying for you even more this October, knowing that you would face this hard anniversary without Skip by your side. I know you are a strong woman, but your journey is a hard one. We don’t know the Lord’s plans for us, but I know that He has you in the palm of His hand. As surely as He keeps an eye on the sparrow, He will be your rock in these hard days. Please know how much I love you and care for you. Your friend always, Arden

  3. Sharon K Wren says:

    God bless you Marsha. Prayers for you. Love ya bunches.

  4. Melinda Jones says:

    So Beautiful, you have blessed my heart and soul.

  5. Susan Davis says:

    Beautiful words from a beautiful lady and friend. God holds in his arms our precious loved ones. Knowing that brings some comfort, though the void it made in our hearts is empty. Love and hugs to you dear sweet Marsha!!

  6. Debbie says:

    Your heart and writing are so beautiful. I miss you. And I pray for you! 💖

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