Angels Among Us

Saturday, Skip said, “let’s go to church tomorrow.”  Why is this significant – since last year, our attendance has been sporadic (twice).  Not typical for us as church was always a priority for us as JM was growing up……Sunday School, VBS, mission trips….so on the way early Sunday morning, the stoplight turned green as we approached the intersection.  Skip said, “God must want us in church this morning.”  Then, as if on cue, “Angels Among Us” began playing on the radio.  As tears filled our eyes, we knew that JM was with us.  Not only was this his favorite song that he would sing, but the one Karen sang at his bedside as he left this life.

The sermon yesterday focused on the Angel of the Lord coming to Joseph – and, how our plans, goals, and dreams are always at the mercy of God’s plan for us.  Joseph and Mary’s dreams were changed, but they followed that Voice…..through hardship, heartbreak and joy, they were given a purpose much greater than they could ever imagine.

So, Angels and the spirit of John Michael traveled with us yesterday morning……reminding us of the wonderful gift given to us and no matter what lies ahead, there is a purpose in our journey.

Merry Christmas



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4 Responses to Angels Among Us

  1. Paulann Canty says:

    Thank you for your thoughts and experience expressed in words. You and Skip remain in my heart and prayers.

  2. Anna Looper says:

    May God bless you and guide you toward His purpose.
    My love,

  3. Arden Humphrey says:

    God bless you both. I’m also convinced that John Michael is with you on this journey.
    I love you both,

  4. Pamela Hamman says:

    I am reading a little book when God winks at you and have thought of you several times it’s really uplifting like you always are to me. Thoughts and prayers to my orange friends.

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